Intranet and Strategy



Setting up a simple web page can be helpful to your team. You can provide access to the following:

  • CAD standards
  • Special Links ( or for example)
  • Shared documents
  • News and events
  • Links to PDF’s and AVI’s for training
  • Getting started information for new users
  • Online quizzes (from, for example)


Start the week with a brief meeting to keep your design team up to date with the current status of projects and other general office activities.

It is your responsibility to make sure the rest of the team performs effectively. You can set the deadlines and plan resource allocation, but unless you are constantly monitoring, encouraging and ensuring the tasks are achievable in the necessary time period, your efforts will be wasted.

Task delegation is important. Even after assessment of preferred roles and ideal skills, you will still need to make decisions regarding who is responsible for which job. You will need to ensure an individual is correctly trained, especially if their score is high on enjoyment, but low on ability. This may take time.

When team responsibilities have been sorted out, make everyone’s responsibilities clear. If one of your team is responsible for a task, let them be responsible for it. Do not interfere unnecessarily, as this could affect motivation and self confidence. It could appear that you are doubtful of their abilities. Conversely, be aware of everything that is going on, as some individuals will not ask for help when they need it.

Involve all of the team in the decision making process. Be available at all times; do not ask your team to e‐mail you when you are busy. Be prepared to listen without judgment, since your ideas may not always be the best ones, but you always have the right to say no.

Strive to make the work experience a positive one at all times.