Setting up a CAD Committee


CAD Standards are best set by a CAD Committee and enforced by a CAD Manager. For hybrid shops, it is best to have a committee for each application and a joint committee. For executive management support, remind them that CAD is the mission‐critical application in the organization. Remember that executive management support is critical.

Committee membership and meetings

Strive for diversity on your CAD Committee. The committee should generally include:

  • CAD manager from each office
  • IT personnel from each office
  • Advanced User from each office
  • One new user from any office
  • One experienced user not listed above
  • One senior manager

If you see many CAD Standards that are not being followed, you should examine whether the CAD Committee is really functioning.

Do you have a method for users to post requests for review of possible changes?

  • Create a site on your intranet for input.

Does your CAD Committee meet frequently enough?

  • We recommend meeting once a quarter virtually and once a year in person.

Do you have the right mix of people in the CAD Committee?

  • Review the membership at each meeting.

Is the CAD Committee effective at reviewing and deciding CAD Standards?

  • Provide clear agendas and content.

Consider having an outside member on the CAD Committee to offer input and ideas from outside of your organization.

Other duties

The use of particular software applications or add‐ons to the base applications should be discussed in CAD Committee meetings. A written recommendation should also be drafted regarding the software that is chosen.

Other questions you should have the committee discus are:

  • How do we increase the efficiency of our CAD products?
  • What is our future CAD strategy?

The worst thing that can happen to a CAD Committee is to be forgotten about.