Disk space

By dgnviewer.com

If an installation fails with an insufficient disk space message, there may not be enough space on the drive assigned to your system’s TEMP and TMP environment variables, regardless of the destination drive you chose.

During the installation, temporary space is needed to uncompress the install set before files are copied to their final destination. If your TEMP and TMP environment variables are pointing to a location on a drive that has less than 500MB of free disk space, and you cannot free up any more disk space, you can permanently assign a new value to TEMP and TMP through Windows’ System Properties. If you do not wish to permanently change these system environment variables, you can do the following.

  1. Open a Command shell (Windows Start menu > Run > cmd).
  2. Reassign the TEMP environment variable to another drive or folder that has more space (for example, set TEMP=D:\temp).
  3. Set TMP=%temp%
  4. Run MicroStation .exe.
  5. Close the Command shell after the installation process is complete.

Note that the TEMP and TMP environment variables are temporarily reassigned only in the DOS session using these steps. The reassignment does not permanently affect the system environment.